Summer Experiential Therapy Group

We do groups different! 

 Our goal is to provide an exciting and engaging atmosphere where participants will interact with peers in a safe, fun, therapeutic environment learning healthy copings skills, emotional regulation, social skills, communication, and self-leadership principles.




Weekly on Friday’s from 9:00 am – 12:00pm

1st session: June 2nd – June 23rd

2nd session: July 7th – July 28th


– 4360 Montebello Dr. Suite 400

– Some session will be run at Palmer Park (depending on weather). More information will be provided on specific dates


Who can attend

– Summer groups are open to children and youth ages 6-17

– Participants are grouped by age and maturity level for the best possible experience


– Some insurances accepted: Medicaid and some commercial insurances. Contact for more information

– Self pay: $60 per week for 3 hour group

If you would like to inquire more about summer groups please click the button below to contact Project Ember Initiative or call us at (719) 246-5693