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Let’s be honest, therapy isn’t the first choice for most people. If, however, you are in a place where this might seem like a good option, I’d appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Whether it is personal issues, or you’re having difficulties with your spouse, significant other, parent, or child(ren). Or, maybe you just need some support with a transition in life. I enjoy working with people from all walks and stages of life and while change is up to you, know that I’m willing to be in your corner along the way. Project Ember Initiative provides therapy services for individuals, couples, and families of all types. Feel free to click on one of the individual links to learn more about the types of therapy provided that best fits your need…

Individual Therapy

Discover personalized support and guidance for life’s challenges such as anxiety and depression at Project Ember Initiative’s individual therapy sessions.


Children / Adolescents

Therapeutic programs for children and adolescents at Project Ember Initiative, addressing self-esteem, confidence, and lifelong habits.


Couples Therapy

Therapeutic solutions for couples at Project Ember Initiative, focusing on underlying issues and fostering lasting relationships.


Family Therapy

Discover the numerous benefits and find out how our tailored family therapy sessions at Project Ember Initiative can be the perfect fit for your family’s needs.

Experiential:Life Skills

Experiential Treatment

At Project Ember Initiative, experience hands-on therapy activities (ETA) designed to improve well-being through mental health, self-esteem, self-worth, and self-leadership.



Men often carry the weight of childhood sexual abuse or adult assault in silence due to societal misconceptions. Our group offers a safe space


EMDR Therapy

Explore EMDR therapy for trauma and mental health challenges with our trained therapists



Teletherapy has redefined mental health care, offering flexibility and effectiveness for issues like anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma, a shift that emerged from the pandemic and is now a lasting trend.

Summer Groups

Our aim is to create a safe, enjoyable, and therapeutic environment for participants to interact, learn coping skills, emotional regulation, social skills, communication, and self-leadership.

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