Our Missions

“Inciting change, one relationship at a time.”

So what does our mission statement mean? Oftentimes when we hear the word “incite,” we think of it in a negative context such as inciting violence or unlawful behavior. However, at its root, the word incite simply means to stir up, urge, or move to action.

People do not truly change if they are forced, coerced, guilted, or shamed into doing so, not even when logic and emotion prevail and they know what’s best for them.

The reality is, most people fear change not because they are incapable, but because of the unknown. At Project Ember Counseling, one of our goals is to challenge those in therapy with a call to action to understand their “why” and live with a sense of meaning and purpose. Quite often, people find it difficult to realize their true potential because it is buried beneath the surface, covered by the wounds of their past and present.

But imagine the potential of a single individual, like a lone ember, who has learned to overcome or accept their pain, break negative family cycles, find their purpose, and turn it into the fuel that sparks lasting change. Even more so, what if that individual passes along to their families, friends, and community their newfound inspiration for life. The possibilities are endless…

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