Men’s Group Therapy in Colorado Springs

Men’s Group

Healing From Abuse and Trauma. Men from all walks of life live every day with the tremendous burden of knowledge and secrecy of being sexually abused in childhood, and/or sexually assaulted as an adult, to include men who have experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MST). It’s often believed that men can’t or haven’t experienced these issues or if they did, they should “just get over it.”

These ideas contribute to the embarrassment, shame and isolation some men carry with them their whole lives as they try to cope with their trauma. The fact is, it’s extremely difficult for men to come forward, contributing to how male victims go under-recognized and left with little, if any, resources designed to address their needs.

If you are one of these men, you aren’t alone. There are men all around you who hide what has happened to them too. Some have sought help, others struggle on their own, yet all know the longing to feel whole again. At Project Ember, we invite you to join other men in this fight, meeting to support one another and improve your quality of life, and to find healing together as men.

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