About Project Ember Initiative

What is Project Ember Initiative?

Project Ember Initiative (PEI) is a non-profit organization located in Colorado Springs that offers free or low-cost behavioral and mental health services. Our services are tailored for children, adolescents, young adults, and families facing barriers to accessing necessary care. PEI provides a range of essential services to address mental health needs and promote holistic well-being.

How It All Started

Project Ember Initiative traces its roots to the Missionary Ridge Fire of 2002 near Durango, Colorado. This pivotal moment sparked a vision that one individual’s influence can ignite profound change, spreading hope, strength, and positivity through relationships and communities.

Our Mission

So what does our mission statement mean? Oftentimes when we hear the word “incite,” we think of it in a negative context such as inciting violence or unlawful behavior. However, at its root, the word incite simply means to stir up, urge, or move to action.

Find A Counselor

Project Ember Initiative is made up of a team of over a dozen counselors and therapist from all walks of life who specialize in various types of behavioral and mental health related issues, but our primary pursuit is to treat everyone who walks through our door with the respect and care they deserve.

Project Ember Initiative

At PEI, we offer a comprehensive array of behavioral and mental health services designed to cater to diverse needs. Our services include behavioral health counseling integrated with experiential treatment activities. Additionally, we provide practical life skills, vocational training, and social therapy groups for youth, focusing on communication, interpersonal development, and building resilience. PEI also conducts educational sessions on various topics, such as trauma, self-harm, addiction, and suicide prevention, while collaborating with community partners to ensure sustained client outcomes.

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