There are a few common factors that can be noted with those who have tried therapy before but did not get the desired results they were hoping to achieve…


Have you ever been motivated to begin eating healthier or start working out and you had the best of intentions but were unable, for whatever reason, to follow through with your goals? Oftentimes, the process of therapy can have a similar effect. Perhaps you were ready to begin tackling issues of anxiety, depression, marital discord, or finding help for your child, but something didn’t seem to click. You had the best of intentions and wanted to see change but it just didn’t work. This is fairly common and normal. Regardless of the why, timing can play an important part of when you seek help and if you are at a place in life where you are willing and able to receive the help you need and want. At Project Ember Counseling, we want to honor the fact that the “why now,” while important, may not be as critical as what is currently going on in your life.

Therapeutic Relationship:

In counseling, this term refers to how well the client(s) and therapist connect and feel a sense of cohesion. Just like any other relationship, sometimes people just don’t mesh well which makes it difficult to build trust and open up. Perhaps you’ve seen as therapist in the past and despite their credentials and knowledge on various issues, their personality or approach wasn’t right for you. That’s totally okay. As the client, you have the right to find a professional you feel comfortable meeting with and opening up to. If I could encourage anything it would be this, don’t let one or two unfavorable occurrences turn you off to what could be an advantageous experience.