Casey Crocker
Casey CrockerMasters of Counseling Intern

Hello! My name is Casey Crocker, and I am a Clinical Mental Health Counseling intern enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Colorado Christian University. I have earned a B.S. in Biblical Studies with an emphasis on original languages and an M.A. in New Testament Biblical Literature with a focus on the religious, political, and cultural context of the New Testament. My background is in pastoral ministry and Christian education, but seeing an interconnected pattern between belief systems, life crises, and spiritual abuse brought me into the counseling world. 

“I am here to see you come alive” is my life’s mission statement, which carries over into my counseling approach. It does not matter if you are experiencing debilitating anxiety and depression, marital struggles, spiritual/religious abuse, or are frustrated with feeling stuck in a holding pattern in personal development and growth; my goal is the same: to be a breath of fresh air, a guiding hand in helping you rediscover your inner compass, and see you come alive to your whole, integrated self. 

In practice, I employ a client-focused perspective as we explore your life experiences, personal development, and obstacles together. Each client is unique, and I intentionally approach each therapeutic relationship as such, allowing the needs and experiences of the client to inform the therapeutic approach.

You are worth more than they have let you believe, and I look forward to working with you!